the art ofrefinement

Dr. Olivier Amar is one of the United Kingdom’s leading consultant plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons with more than 15 years’ experience.

A master of refinement, Olivier is meticulous in approach and attitude. His London based cosmetic surgery clinic specialises in bespoke facial rejuvenation, body contouring and breast enhancement – all performed under day surgery. His reputation among patients and peers alike comes from exacting standards and the use of subtle, unique techniques which turn aesthetic surgery into an art form.


‘We all age but it is how we age that is important to me. Ageing does not happen evenly – it can suddenly affect even the most beautiful person. Yet why wait until you need a face-lift when I can help make you look your best every day?‘

That’s why I create bespoke life plans for patients so that we can identify and eliminate imperfections as they appear. It is a journey we go on together and I build relationships with patients that last years.‘

With the lightest of touches and minimally invasive techniques I can restore, revive and replenish – to reveal a face which is visibly younger and healthy-looking. I want to make a person look refined – and always elegant.‘

I make patients look natural; I never seek to change a person but I do seek out the latest techniques to ensure they look refreshed and vital.’

‘I am aware patients do not want to spend a long time hidden away. That’s why I perform day surgery and work on a minimal social eviction time.‘

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Olivier Amar Best Cosmetic Surgeon London

120 Sloane Street Clinic

Dr. Olivier Amar consults from his private practice at 120 Sloane Street in London, which attracts patients and consultanting doctors from around the world. Here he works alongside a team of leading surgeons to deliver the best medical and surgical care available. He is supported by a dedicated nursing and management team and anesthetists from both the NHS and private hospitals whom he praises for their consummate skill and professionalism.

Olivier Amar Cadogan Clinic, Sloane Street, London