Lower face and neck lift plus z-plasty under the chin



“My experience having surgery was amazing. Mr Olivier Amar was recommended to me by ‎one of my clients as she had seen him 8 years prior to remove the skin around her eyes and she ‎looked incredible.‎

I booked my appointment and was excited to finally be having a procedure to fix my excess face ‎skin, as it was aging me and I was very uncomfortable about it. Mr Amar did a full consultation, ‎was very patient and answered all my questions. He told me that he would make my face the ‎same age all over, and I trusted him completely. Straight after the operation I had a bit of ‎numbness which I had expected, but I had no pain. I had a cup of tea and after Mr Amar ‎checked on me I was discharged. I left the clinic around 2 hours post operation and felt amazing. ‎I found the staff at the clinic friendly and caring. They really looked after me and made me feel ‎special and welcome. My follow up appointment with Mr Amar was great. He checked every ‎part of my face and was happy with the results, and I think he should be! The results were ‎exactly as he promised. It’s now 8 weeks on and I feel even better than did straight after the ‎operation!‎

I am saving up to have my eyes done next. Mr Amar has made me a different person, ‎inside and out. He is an amazingly skilled surgeon and I would highly recommend him to ‎anyone. He changed my life.”


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