Lower face and neck lift



“I had been considering having a lower face and neck lift for some time but I needed a surgeon who was confident in achieving results that would not impede my ability to wear my Hearing Aid. I had a very detailed consultation with

I had a very detailed consultation with Mr Olivier Amar where we discussed my personal needs and reservations in great length. He was not only sensitive and patient to my many questions but he reassured me with the help of diagrams and photos, explaining how best to proceed with my particular procedure. I felt confident in putting my trust in Mr Amar’s surgical hands.

On the day of my procedure Mr Amar was thoughtful enough to come and see me before theatre, where we agreed on the delicate matter of allowing him to remove my Hearing Aid once I’d been anaesthetised, thus enabling me to hear everything until the moment of sleep.

People with disabilities often struggle with entrusting others and can feel vulnerable in situations. I felt truly safe in the hands of Mr Amar’s and his team.

There is no doubt that Mr Olivier Amar genuinely cares for his patient’s well-being and is hugely supportive. I am delighted with my experience and results.

Merci Mr Olivier Amar!”


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