Blepharoplasty plus Fat Transfer to Orbital Area



“Mr Olivier Amar is, in my view, one of the most talented surgeons specialising in anti-ageing.

I booked my consultation with Mr Amar after having non-surgical procedures, including expensive fillers and botox, which spectacularly failed to improve my appearance. Of course, there was always the next recommendation from my (aesthetic) practitioner, to spend more and try the latest technique, but it was time to do something different.

I still remember that rare feeling I had when I met Mr Amar; I was sure he was the right surgeon for me. I found him to be refreshingly honest, and in agreement with me, that surgery was the only way to “turn back the clock”. He did not pull any punches on what was required to anti-age me and I elected for a full face and neck lift.

Whilst listening to Mr Amar’s comprehensive explanation of what could be done, deep anxieties were surfacing about whether I was just being vain at my age (mid 60s). Was all this surgical work really necessary? Although I answered emphatically “yes” to this, it was nevertheless an emotional rollercoaster. It is very difficult to imagine what your own results will be like. I was given plenty of time to discuss the surgery, the risks and my fears. Mr Amar reassured me that I was not the only one with these ageing problems. We are all out there.

I underwent 4 hours of surgery and the results are, without hesitation, beyond my expectations for my time-worn skin.

At my consultations, Mr Amar provided background reading material for his surgical procedures and following surgery, I was provided with guidance on post-op care and my schedule of follow-ups for wound management. Recovery was, as anticipated, mainly uneventful. I was able to go about my normal life after 3-4 weeks.
A particularly clever aspect of the surgery was that the scars, made when detaching skin to tighten it, were “hidden”, mainly behind the ears. Some were more visible, in front of my ears, but easily covered by hair or masked with make-up. I also had several laser treatments over subsequent months, to lessen the scarring.
I completely agree with Mr Amar that the result of the facelift is relaxed and refreshed, with considerable rejuvenation. An understated facelift, sheer surgical artistry. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”


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