Blepharoplasty plus Fat Transfer to Face

“I knew I had to take action when my 50th birthday was approaching and it wasn’t my age that was depressing me – but rather the thought of being photographed.

My puffy lower eyes, which I have had all my life, were getting more pronounced and the skin on my upper eyelids was beginning to sag. No amount of massage or non-invasive procedures made a difference. I felt my eyes really aged me and I was often told I ‘looked tired’.

Once I decided on surgery, I researched surgeons in New York, LA and London and decided on Olivier Amar for two reasons: I saw his work on a friends’ upper eyelids and it was superb. Natural, yet totally effective – the look I wanted. Also, I felt he listened to what I had to say in our consultation. He took pictures and we discussed together what would work best for my skin, age lifestyle etc.

We jointly decided on a lower and upper eye Blepharoplasty with fat transfer around the side eye area to add natural volume and encourage cell renewal. I opted for the less invasive lower eye Blepharoplasty, where the stitches are invisible (inside the eye). This option gives a very natural look – exactly what I wanted.

His staff were friendly and after the procedure, although my face was swollen/bruised with stitching on my upper eyes, I could see the results immediately. I was up and about the next day and I even ventured out to my local cafe (albeit with dark sunglasses on!).

Regarding healing: my eyes/upper face were swollen/bruised for about two weeks. But large, dark sunglasses and some specialist foundation covered most of it up. I had a lymphatic drainage massage which greatly helped reduce the swelling around the fat transfer areas. I felt confident enough to go to a lunch party after 3.5 weeks. My husband, who was worried about me having surgery, said he couldn’t see any major signs of surgery but commented on how refreshed my eyes looked. I continued to wear the specialist foundation for a few weeks more and after 5 weeks, even I couldn’t see any real signs of work, just a little redness.

The result? Amazing. The puffiness has gone and my eyelids are smoother – but not so much that it’s obvious. But it’s the mental effects that are most striking. I feel so much happier and more confident than before and even enjoy having my picture being taken.

No-one has asked if I’ve had surgery. The results are so natural, I’m not surprised. However, people keep telling me how well I’m looking. My only regret? I wish I’d done it earlier.”


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