A look into the future of regenerative medicine in aesthetics

Uvence is a relatively new concept pioneered and co-founded by London plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Olivier Amar and CEO Reece Tomlinson.

It is a treatment approach that aims to bring regenerative medicine into non-surgical clinics to improve cosmetic concerns for skin quality and bioremodelling. Mr Amar says, “We know that ADMSCs have fantastic potential for regeneration and skin health for improvements such as discolouration, plasticity and elasticity, and there is a huge interest in this area”.

Mr Amar says that Uvence is currently focusing on the aesthetic market but is eager to benefit patients further afield. “The next step is to branch into gynaecology to help functional and cosmetic gynaecology issues. Beyond gynae is hair and orthopaedics! We’re really just at the beginning.”

He notes that Uvence is not reinventing the wheel, explaining, “It’s about upgrading a treatment that is already used so that it is more refined, standardised, efficient and quality-controlled, while also making it available to more practitioners and patients.” Mr Amar concludes, “I think the potential is huge – Uvence provides an easy way for practitioners to have access to a new treatment and the procedure is completely standardised, ensuring that the patient undergoes the same bespoke treatment every time.”