Thigh Lift

Thigh lift surgery reduces the amount of excess skin on the thighs to tone and refine the upper legs. The procedure can be limited to a single localised area of the thigh, or can be extended to include the whole area. It is common to combine a thigh lift procedure with liposuction to remove surplus fat and free up the skin to allow it to be lifted more easily.

For many people who consider a thigh lift, the upper legs have become stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise, usually as they have got older. As we age, the skin of our thighs loses its elasticity and begins to sag. This is especially true for those who have experienced repeated periods of weight gain and loss in which the skin has been stretched multiple times. Stretched skin is unlikely to shrink naturally and typically cannot be tightened with diet and exercise, instead requiring surgical intervention to deliver a pleasing solution.

When fat cells, cellulite, and excess skin accumulate on the thighs, it can make the upper legs appear heavier and less toned than they actually are. Thigh lift surgery is an excellent way to reduce this look. While there are multiple techniques available to achieve a desired result, every patient is different. We all age in different ways so we must consider all available options before deciding on the most appropriate treatment. To do this, Mr Amar works on a Life Plan for each of his patients. This allows him to assess and determine a treatment roadmap unique to each patient, which will map out the exact procedure, or combination of procedures best suited to each case.

Mr Olivier Amar’s goal is that you look fresh, more youthful without the obvious look of plastic surgery – natural and subtle rejuvenation. All thigh lifts are done as a day case surgery, meaning you will be home and recovering the same day.

All thigh lift procedures are performed by Mr Olivier Amar as day surgery. Thigh lift surgery is performed under total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA), a technique of anaesthesia which uses a combination of agents given exclusively via the intravenous route without the use of gas anaesthesia. This means you will sleep comfortably throughout the procedure and wake immediately afterwards with a significantly reduced likelihood of feeling groggy or nauseous. The anaesthesia will be explained to you by your anaesthetist during the preoperative consultation. Having surgery under TIVA allows you to go home the same day to rest and recuperate in comfort. Mr Olivier Amar’s practice is happy to arrange the procedure at a hospital with an overnight stay facility if you wish or assist with a nurse to stay with you overnight, as well as helping you find local accommodation after your surgery if necessary.


If you are considering a thigh lift, it is important that you schedule a consultation first. During your in-depth consultation you will have the opportunity to describe your hoped-for outcome and Mr Olivier Amar will be able to inform you about your options. Any proposed treatment will be explained in detail. This will include outlining exactly what the procedure will involve, any necessary preparation, your recovery and possible complications and risks related to the anaesthesia and surgery. You will be able to ask as many questions as you wish and hear about the benefits and drawbacks of any proposed procedures before you decide the next steps together.

Because everybody is unique, Mr Olivier Amar takes an integrated and personalised approach, and no two patients will have exactly the same treatment.

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