What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is an operation to reduce the size of large, heavy breasts or to make uneven breasts more symmetrical. The result is smaller breasts, often with a more youthful, uplifted position and a well-shaped, harmonious appearance. This surgery has a very high satisfaction rate.

Why consider breast reduction surgery?

Large or uneven breasts can be a lifelong problem due to genetics or may develop later in life. Reasons for choosing breast reduction include:

  • Discomfort due to backache and neck pain.
  • Grooves in the shoulder from bra straps.
  • Skin problems under the breasts.
  • Feeling self-conscious due to comments or unwanted attention.
  • Difficulty finding clothes that fit well.
  • Problems with playing sport or taking part in exercise.
  • Feeling that your body is not in proportion.
  • You have asymmetrical breasts, with one larger than the other.

My breast reduction patients say their smaller breasts feel lighter and are more in proportion with their silhouette, which increases their confidence. Large, heavy breasts can be physically uncomfortable and, with age, can make women appear heavier than they really are.

Mr Olivier Amar

Did you know?

What happens during the procedure?

During breast reduction surgery, excess breast tissue, fat and skin are removed. The nipple and areola area will be lifted and resized if needed, and the breasts reshaped and moved into their new, higher position. The skin is stitched together, usually with dissolvable stitches.


How long does the surgery take?

The length of the procedure varies depending on whether additional liposuction is needed to the sides of the chest wall and can take between 2-3 hours.

Will I still be able to breastfeed?

Breast reduction surgery can affect your ability to breastfeed. If you are hoping to breastfeed in the future, you should take this into consideration. If you are considering breast surgery and you have recently breastfed, we recommend that you wait 6 months allow the breast to settle down before opting for surgery.

How do I achieve the best result and ultimately my desired physique?

A combination of wearing your compression garment, maintaining a healthy weight and level of exercise, following your aftercare instructions and attending your post-operative appointments is key to achieving the best result. It is vital that you follow all the aftercare instructions issued to help aid the scarring process.

Do I need to do anything before the procedure?

Prior to breast reduction surgery, an ultrasound or mammogram will be required in order to check the breast tissue.

Can any other procedures be done at the same time?

Breast reduction surgery is often combined with a breast lift (mastopexy), an operation which lifts and reshapes the breasts using various techniques to rejuvenate the look of low-hanging, ‘empty’ or saggy breasts.

Can liposuction be used for breast reduction?

Some patients may be good candidates for liposuction breast reduction. This procedure may offer a faster recovery time and fewer complications than traditional breast reduction surgery.

Will I have obvious scars following breast reduction surgery?

The resulting scars are usually in the shape of an anchor with a circle around the areola, a vertical scar down to the fold under the breast, which links to a curved, horizontal scar along the fold under the breast. Mr Olivier Amar is dedicated to the management, prevention and improvement of scars.

What form of anaesthetic will be used?

All breast procedures with Mr Olivier Amar are performed as day surgery. They are usually performed under total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA), a technique of anaesthesia which uses a combination of agents given exclusively via the intravenous route without the use of gas anaesthesia. This means you will sleep comfortably throughout the procedure and wake immediately afterwards with a significantly reduced likelihood of feeling groggy or nauseous. The anaesthesia will be explained to you by your anaesthetist during the preoperative consultation.

Am I required to wear specific clothing following surgery?

After breast reduction surgery, you will need to wear a soft, elastic, compression bra for between three and six weeks to support recovery during the healing period which is easy to hide under your clothes. A compression bra helps with skin retraction and to reduce swelling as the surgical area is healing.

What can I expect after breast reduction surgery?

Your breasts will be swollen for a few weeks after the operation, this should settle between 10 and 15 days. Initially you can expect to experience mild pain, which can be managed by a pain killer prescription.

You will be asked to come in for a post-operative nurse appointment one week and two weeks after your surgery. At this point your incision sites will be reviewed, stitches removed and your preliminary healing will be assessed. You will come back at six week after surgery to be reviewed by Mr Olivier Amar.

How long do I have to wait to return to normal activities following the surgery?

Depending on your type of daily activity, you will usually be able to resume your normal activities and return to gentle exercise after two to three weeks. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 2 weeks. Mr Olivier Amar will discuss this with you in further detail at your consultation.