What is thigh lift surgery? 

A thigh lift, also known as thighplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and tissue from the upper legs. When fat cells, cellulite, and excess skin accumulate on the thighs, it can make the upper legs appear heavier and less toned than they actually are. Thigh lift surgery is an excellent way to reduce this look.

While there are multiple techniques available to achieve a desired result, every patient is different. The procedure can be limited to a single localised area of the thigh, or can be extended to include the whole area.

Why consider thigh lift surgery?

For many people who consider a thigh lift, the upper legs have become stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise, usually as they have got older.

As we age, the skin of our thighs loses its elasticity and begins to sag. This is especially true for those who have experienced repeated periods of weight gain and loss in which the skin has been stretched multiple times. Stretched skin is unlikely to shrink naturally and typically cannot be tightened with diet and exercise, instead requiring surgical intervention to deliver a pleasing solution.

This is an excellent treatment for when the quantity of excess skin and fat are too great for liposuction and skin tightening.

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Did you know?

Can any other procedures be done at the same time?

It is common to combine a thigh lift procedure with liposuction to remove surplus fat and free up the skin to allow it to be lifted more easily.

How long does the surgery take?

The length of the procedure varies according to the complexity of the case and may take between 60-120 minutes.

Will I have obvious scars following thigh lift surgery?

Like any surgery, there is a risk of scarring after a thigh lift. These scars will fade over time and after one year, should be much less noticeable. Mr Amar will discuss scar management with you in further detail at your consultation.

How do I achieve the best result?

A combination of wearing your compression garment, maintaining a steady weight, following your aftercare instructions and attending your post-operative appointments is key to achieving the best result. It is vital that you follow all the aftercare instructions issued to help aid the scarring process.

What form of anaesthetic will be used?

All thigh lift procedures are performed by Mr Olivier Amar as day surgery. Thigh lift surgery is performed under total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA), a technique of anaesthesia which uses a combination of agents given exclusively via the intravenous route without the use of gas anaesthesia. This means you will sleep comfortably throughout the procedure and wake immediately afterwards with a significantly reduced likelihood of feeling groggy or nauseous. The anaesthesia will be explained to you by your anaesthetist during the preoperative consultation. Having surgery under TIVA allows you to go home the same day to rest and recuperate in comfort.

Am I required to wear specific clothing following surgery?

After thigh lift, you will need to wear a soft, elastic, compression garment for between three and four weeks to support recovery during the healing period which is easy to hide under your clothes. A compression garment helps with skin retraction and to reduce swelling as the surgical area is healing.

When will I see the result from thigh lift surgery?

You should start to see results in the days following surgery. These will fully start to appear from around the six-week mark and improvements will be ongoing for the first 12 or so months.

How can I compliment my overall result? 

Mr Olivier Amar Renuvion skin tightening surgery

Renuvion treatment

When fat removal is a priority and skin laxity is a concern, the combination of Renuvion J Plasma and liposuction gives great results.


Mr Olivier Amar Aerolase Neo laser clinic

Aerolase Neo laser treatment

Aerolase Neo laser treatment can be performed 4-6 weeks after surgery to support healing, to help flatten scars and reduce redness and thickness.


What can I expect after thigh lift surgery? 

Recovery after a thigh lift can vary between patients, but on average, patients are back to work in approximately one week. Initially you can expect to experience mild pain, which can be managed by a pain killer prescription.

You will be asked to come in for a post-operative nurse appointment one week after your surgery. At this point your incision sites will be reviewed, stitches removed and your preliminary healing will be assessed. You will come back at six week after surgery to be reviewed by Mr Olivier Amar.

How long do I have to wait to return to normal activities following the surgery?

Depending on your type of daily activity, you will usually be able to resume your normal activities and return to gentle exercise after three to four weeks. Strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 2 weeks Mr Olivier Amar will discuss this with you in further detail at your consultation.