Dr. Olivier Amar – Certified Breast Enlargement Surgeon in London

Mr. Olivier Amar offers the very highest standards in breast surgery, including breast enlargement and breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation, also known as breast implants or breast enlargement by implants, is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure in the UK. It has a very high satisfaction rate, restoring the confidence of thousands of women every year.

Mr. Olivier Amar is a highly experienced breast surgeon, who constantly seeks out better breast augmentation techniques to improve results for his patients.
He is a specialist in stem cell fat transfer for breast augmentation and reconstruction. As well as performing many procedures himself, he has published several academic papers on lipo filling to the breast, including studying the role of fat transfer in reconstructive breast surgeries after breast cancer.

Fat transfer with stem cells involves removing unwanted fat from the thighs or abdomen, enriching it with stem cells naturally contained in fat, and then using this enriched fat either alone or with implants to enlarge the breast or simply to restore its youthful shape and firmness.

Enriching fat tissue with stem cells improves the proportion of fat that survives the transfer, making treatment more effective and more predictable. In addition, stem cells rejuvenate skin for a better aesthetic result. Fat transfer can also make breast implants appear more natural. Layering fat over the contours of the implant can hide the margins of the implant and give a softer, more realistic feel to the breast.

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