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The most advanced stem-cell enriched fat transfer treatments to rejuvenate and restore the face.

Mr. Olivier Amar is not only a skilled plastic surgeon but also one of the most experienced specialists in facial fat grafting in London.

Facial fat grafting involves the use of your own fat as an alternative to synthetic dermal fillers. It can replace lost volume, restore youthful contours and soften or eliminate lines, folds and wrinkles. Fat has several advantages over dermal fillers. It is entirely natural and can move with the face, and because it is ‘autologous’ or derived from your own tissue, you cannot be allergic to it. Fat is also naturally rich in stem cells so injecting fat into the face can rejuvenate the overlying skin, improving tone and texture.

Facial fat grafting is also known as fat transfer, facial fat rejuvenation or fat injection.

Mr. Olivier Amar’s advanced techniques and latest technology means he can use fat as Nano Fat, a super-refined, highly-filtered liquid that can be used even in the most delicate areas of the face, such as under the eyes to reduce hollows or around the lips to smooth away wrinkles or ‘purse-string’ lines.
Fat transfer to the face procedures are slightly more complex than using dermal fillers.

Fat is first taken from the body, usually the abdomen or thighs, either as part of liposuction or as a stand-alone procedure. The fat tissue is then spun in a centrifuge and filtered before it is injected into the face to enhance the cheekbones, temples, chin and jawline for a naturally youthful look. Fat transfer to the face may also be performed as part of a facelift or mini facelift.

Mr. Olivier Amar specializes in super-enriched fat transfer with stem cells. Fat tissue is naturally rich in stem cells. After the fat is removed from the body, some of it is specially treated to extract and concentrate the stem cells to create a stem-cell rich elixir. This is then added to the remaining fat, which now has highly regenerative properties. Super-enriched fat transfer is ideal for the treatment of dry, wrinkled and prematurely aged skin on the face. A fat transfer facelift gives effective, natural rejuvenation and should only be carried out by an expert. Mr. Olivier Amar has many years’ experience of fat transfer in his London clinic and has conducted academic research into the procedure.

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