Cosmetic Surgeon and CMO of Uvence Dr Olivier Amar, shares his top predictions for the cosmetic procedures and trends of 2021.

‘Zoom Boom’ 2.0

London’s The Cadogan Clinic reported a 100 per cent increase in treatments in August last year vs. 2019. As Britain came out of lockdown, we saw a huge increase in demand from patients who had missed their appointments, but also many first-time patients looking to undergo cosmetic treatments. With parts of Britain in a Tier 4 lockdown this New Year – a time when millions of Brits commit to improving their appearance and wellbeing – we are likely to see another huge increase in demand for cosmetic treatments across the board in early 2021.

Hyper-personalisation and more tweakments

As the variety of cosmetic treatments on offer increases, so too does our knowledge about how these treatments can affect people in different ways. During the first nationwide lockdown, surgeons, practitioners and cosmetic treatment companies had time to focus their efforts and resources on research and development, enhancing their capabilities and bringing innovative treatments to the table.