What our PRP treatment patients say

What made you decide to go for PRP treatment to face?

Patient: Female, aged 40

“I am a 40 year old woman who would not like to start a treatment that isn’t natural. For my age, it is the best solution to start treating my skin with natural regenerative treatments. After the treatment I felt my skin had a glow, people commented.

Now two weeks after treatment, the skin texture has changed. I always had problems with my skin, I suffered from big pores, now the size of my pores have reduced. PRP treatment works very well for my skin. I must say that PRP will be my regular treatment because even after the first procedure I saw improvement.”

I see Mr Amar as my advocate and consultant as time progresses, and will absolutely continue a dialogue with him - a life plan as you will.


Patient: Female, aged 35

Procedure: Plasma rich platelet (PRP) treatment to face

“From my first consultation Mr Amar and his clinic’s team offered outstanding customer service. Mr Amar listened carefully to my concerns and explained the limitations, so that I would be under no illusions about what it was possible to achieve.”

The experience with Dr Olivier Amar, Sophie & Katie and the Cadogan Clinic has been Superb. I am extremely happy with the results .Thank you all for your amazing care.


Patient: Male, aged 36

Procedure: Plasma rich platelet (PRP) treatment to scalp plus nano fat transfer to scalp under local anaesthesia.

“It was a great experience to have been a patient of Dr. Amar, he is so helpful and considerate. I received treatment for hair loss and saw an improvement in the condition of my hair and scalp, with a noticeable reduction in the amount of hair fall. Dr Amar is very kind and friendly and provides a high standard of patient care which exceeded my expectations.”

Thank you so much for all the time, care and professionalism you have shown me throughout my treatment. We are so very graetful to you for everything.


Did you know?


During an Express PRP treatment, you will first have a small amount of blood – 15mls – taken from your arm just as you would in a blood test. This blood is then placed in a centrifuge for five minutes to separate the red blood cells from the clear liquid called plasma and the platelets.

Platelets play a vital role in regenerating our skin, releasing growth factors that work to heal damaged or ageing tissues, including our skin cells. Your face will be cleaned, and four tiny punctures made to allow the insertion of a flexible, blunt-ended cannula to gently distribute the platelet rich plasma under the skin of the cheeks and around the mouth.

The skin is then massaged to encourage the healing plasma to spread under the skin.


You may notice improvements in skin texture after a few days, but it can take up to three weeks to appreciate the full results, including glow, hydration and a rested appearance.

Because Mr Olivier Amar’s Express PRP involves less disruption to your skin than traditional injections, you will be free to combine it with other treatments such as peels and laser procedures.


While you should see visible improvements after a single Express PRP treatment, for optimum, longer-lasting results, Mr Olivier Amar recommends two to three sessions, four to six weeks apart, plus a further treatment after eight months.


It is important to understand that Express PRP rejuvenates and brightens skin, but it does not add volume. If are looking for a filler-type treatment which uses your own natural tissue to restore youthful facial volume while also improving the tone and texture of your skin, Mr Olivier Amar offers facial rejuvenation using your own fat, a procedure called Super Enriched Fat Transfer with SVF Stem Cell.


It is recommended that you attend your appointment well rested and hydrated.

What can I expect after PRP treatment?

There is no downtime associated PRP injections. It is normal to experience bruising, redness, itching, soreness, and swelling that may last from 3-10 days following your procedure. Apply cold compresses for the first 8 hours to reduce swelling.

How long do I have to wait to return to normal activities following the treatment?

You should avoid strenuous exercise for 3 days following treatment. You can return to your day to day activities immediately after your treatment.