‘what’s best for you, is you’

Uvence is a pioneering treatment which represents the UK’s first and only fully standardised, natural cosmetic procedure, built on the founding premise that ‘what’s best for you, is you’.

Using patients’ own live fat-cells, the Uvence system brings together best in class micro-liposuction, nano-fat transfer and cryogenic storage, to create a fully personalised treatment specific to each client. With the ability to be used over a five-year period, the treatments are applied at the patient’s discretion, with each injection resetting the ageing process due to the restorative properties in our own cells.

The Uvence procedure is a simple two treatment system; one session for the extraction of live cells, and a session for reinjection at a later date; the end result of which is an immediate and long-lasting rejuvenation of one’s skin, applicable anywhere on the body or face.    

Uvence’s natural, holistic approach to cosmetic treatment has already been featured in The Telegraph and Vogue, harnessing the restorative properties of a patient’s own fat cells to provide a 100% natural injectable procedure, with no foreign chemicals or additives and no risk of rejection.

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If you are considering Uvence, it is important that you schedule a consultation first. During your in-depth consultation you will have the opportunity to describe your hoped-for outcome and Mr Olivier Amar will be able to inform you about your options. Any proposed treatment will be explained in detail. This will include outlining exactly what the procedure will involve, any necessary preparation, your recovery and possible complications and risks related to the anaesthesia and surgery. You will be able to ask as many questions as you wish and hear about the benefits and drawbacks of any proposed procedures before you decide the next steps together.

Because everybody is unique, Mr Olivier Amar takes an integrated and personalised approach, and no two patients will have exactly the same treatment.

"your satisfaction is my passion"