What is Uvence treatment?

Uvence is a pioneering treatment which represents the UK’s first and only fully standardised, natural cosmetic procedure, built on the founding premise that ‘what’s best for you, is you’.

Using patients’ own live fat-cells, the Uvence system brings together best in class micro-liposuction, nano-fat transfer and cryogenic storage, to create a fully personalised treatment specific to each client. With the ability to be used over a five-year period, the treatments are applied at the patient’s discretion, with each injection resetting the ageing process due to the restorative properties in our own cells.

Why consider Uvence treatment?

The Uvence procedure is a simple two treatment system; one session for the extraction of live cells, and a session for reinjection at a later date; the end result of which is an immediate and long-lasting rejuvenation of one’s skin, applicable anywhere on the body or face.

Uvence’s natural, holistic approach to cosmetic treatment has already been featured in The Telegraph and Vogue, harnessing the restorative properties of a patient’s own fat cells to provide a 100% natural injectable procedure, with no foreign chemicals or additives and no risk of rejection.

I believe that now, more than ever, patients are looking for a more natural look and have become more careful about they they put in their bodies.

Mr Olivier Amar

Did you know?

What happens during Uvence treatment?

In this procedure, a small amount of fat between 10 and 20cc/ml is liquified and highly filtered until it becomes extremely fluid yet naturally rich in SVF stem cells. This emulsified fat can then be used to rejuvenate even delicate areas such as the neck, decolletage and around the eye, including in the tear-trough hollows under the eye.

The Uvence procedure is a simple two treatment system; one session for the extraction of live cells, and a session for reinjection at a later date.


The operation can take between 45-60 minutes and the reinjection can take around 30 minutes, similar to a dermal filler treatment.


  • Face — applications include: filling tear trough, improving dark circles, fine lines in the mouth area (wrinkle injection), and the crepey skin of the neck area.
  • Dark Circles
  • Hands
  • Decolettage
  • Breast (stretch marks)
  • Buttocks (stretch marks)
  • Damaged or aged skin


The Nano fat injections can also be enriched with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve the longevity and effectiveness of the results.


The nano fat injections procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic as day surgery, meaning you will be able to go home shortly afterwards.

What can I expect after Uvence treatment?

Fat transfer is a straightforward and minimally invasive procedure. As a result, there is minimal downtime required and after the operation pain is usually mild.

Initially there will be bruising in the fat harvesting and reinjection areas, this should settle down between seven and ten and days but continues to improve with time. Swelling appears in the first few days after surgery, this should settle down between seven and ten days.

You will be asked to come in for a post-operative nurse appointment one week after your surgery. At this point your incision sites will be reviewed, and your preliminary healing will be assessed. You will come back at six week after surgery to be reviewed by Mr Olivier Amar.

How long do I have to wait to return to normally activities following the treatment?

Depending on your type of daily activity, you will usually be able to resume your normal activities after one to two days and return to gentle exercise after two to three weeks. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least 2-weeks. Mr Olivier Amar will discuss this with you in further detail at your consultation.